Friday, August 15, 2008

Issue 12

Olympics by Steve L.

Last Friday we went to our Grandma's house for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. On the way there we stopped and bought some Chinese food to celebrate the Olympics being in China. We ate it while we watched the beginning of the ceremony. I'm not sure if all of you have seen the opening ceremony, but you can find something on it on the Internet. One of my favorite parts was the giant globe with people walking on, around, and even upside down on it! It was cool.

Kennecott Copper Mine by Daniel

For Cub Scouts this week we went to the Kennecott Copper Mine. Its the biggest open-pit mine in the world. It also has other metals like gold and silver. We watched a cool movie that showed how they get copper out and how they transport it. After the movie they showed us a dinosaur skull and some dinosaur teeth that they have found in the mine.

Gone Fishing by Whitney

Last Saturday we went fishing at a nearby lake. There were large rocks that lined
the lake in all directions. Along the shore there was a path that my mom goes walking on with my Aunt Bree in the mornings.

It was cloudy that day, and it actually rained a few times while we were there. (This has
happened every time we have gone fishing.)

Daniel taking his chance
Going on a walk around the pond.

Baiting my hook. (We didn't acutely catch anything.)

Raining. WOW, big surprise.

Me trying my luck.

Liberty Girls by Janey

Using our sence of smell instead of our sence of sight.

Indian Fry Bread
For Liberty Girls this week we pretended we were blind. We played a game where we were blindfolded and someone else led us through a path of obstacles. We ate Indian fry bread with blue berry sauce. It was GOOD! We learned three Indian dances, the duck dance the waiting dance and the jingle bell dance. We smelled lots of smells blindfolded, to see what it was like to be blind and figure out what something was without your eyes. No one liked the pickles or soap. I learned how to write my name in Braille with a Brailler. We talked about the book Kaya shows the Way. In the book Kaya finds her blind sister who was kidnapped. She was happy to see her again.

The Patient Watermelon by Noreen

(Note: My friend Jennifer, who's 8 year-old son is undergoing chemo, posted a heart felt poem on her blog this week. It gave me the courage to share one of my own. When I tried to journal this experience in New Zealand, it just had to come out as a poem. It surprised me, since I hadn't written a poem in almost 20 years.)

The Patient Watermelon

Dropped a ball again
Tears of frustration
A sincere prayer for help

I hate when I forget that I said that I could help!

I remembered to buy the watermelon early.
My son helped choose a luscious round one for his team.
It sat patently waiting all week on the counter,
ready to be put into service.
By Saturday Morning the watermelon was forgotten,
buried behind last night’s dishes.

Three kids fed, dressed, with hats, shoes, water bottles and mitts
and out the door with their dad by 8:30.
A sigh of relief –

Until I see it – just moments too late.

The patient watermelon.

Only one car
No cell phone
Lifestyle choices I enjoy-
Until a moment like this.

I picture my son’s face at the end of the game, when someone asks,
“Where’s the snack?”
and he remembers the watermelon,
hand picked-
the one his mom forgot to send.

Then my tears come,

Then my prayers come
Heartfelt and
Searching for a solution.

I place calls to my friends, my visiting teacher, my neighbor.
No one’s home on this busy Saturday morning.

Another prayer for help
A plea to be rescued

Then it comes –
A name leaps off the phone list. Somebody’s home!

An angel in a sedan- who hardly knows me – gives a half hour out of her morning
for me.

I arrive at the ball field, laden with my largest white bowl-
filled with patient watermelon.

I find my son’s team in time to witness the last batter run home. My son sees me approach with my load.

The smile on his face is priceless.

He excitedly relieves me of my burden.
The one in my arms and
The one in my heart.

Feeling important, he hands out the watermelon,
Never aware that I almost let him down.

A ball rescued
Tears of joy
A prayer of Thanks.

Ice Cream

The blog is on a diet this week. Steve returns from London tomorrow, where he has been on business. The blog will be sweeter next week!

Hiking The Catlins by Noreen

We continued our travels south to The Catlins and quaint little town of Papatowai. While there we trekked through more sheep fields to see Jack's blowhole, hiked to the beautiful Purakaunui Falls,visited a beach at low tide to see the Cathedral caves, hiked to Nugget point with it's seal colony and historic lighthouse and turned back from another hike because an annoyed fur seal was blocking the path. Honestly, it was!

Jack's Blowhole

Purakaunui Falls

Lighthouse at Nugget Point

Rocks at Nugget Point

Annoyed fur seal

Cathedral Caves

End of Issue 12