Sunday, September 26, 2010

Issue 122

Eagle Project Report

Well, my eagle project is done! The troops in Qatar have limited supplies, and are feeling pretty uncomfortable. So for my project I gathered supplies to ship to them. I spent hours putting fliers on doors, and then more hours collecting the supplies. We had a great turn-out. It filled our whole front room! Then we had to have a breakfast to raise enough money to ship it. That went well to, although there was a bit of a problem, on where to have it. Thanks for all who helped! We had grandparents coming and helping, as well as other scouts. We raised a total of $400. Just enough to ship! Of course we had to pack everything, and then fill out a sheet explaining what was in it and how much it cost! That's not too easy with 31 boxes! Well we finally got it shipped, (that took a while,) and now I just have to turn in my packet! Yay!
Note by mom: We are super proud of how hard Steve worked on his Eagle Project. He spent so many hours making flyers and signs, marketing, speaking to Store managers for donations, shopping, leading the scouts, collecting items for the drive, running his breakfast/car wash fundraiser, packing 31 care packages and shipping them to the troops. Way to go Steve!

The Big 14!

Thinking hard about his birthday wish! Happy Birthday Steve.

Steve was ordained a teacher today, and doubled the teacher's quorum. His friend Eric is glad to finally have some company on Sunday! A huge thanks to Grandparents that helped make this day special. We are so proud of you Steve!

You and Me @ Camp Cloud Rim

Janey and I finally got to go on our Mother/Daughter Girl Scout camp out! I say finally, because Janey has been counting down for about 6 months for this event. The weather was perfect, the scenery gorgeous, and the company delightful. My favorite part was having 24 hours of one-on-one with my spunky Janey.

Janey says:
"My favorite parts were going canoeing, tie dying bandannas and covering Journals. It was really fun!"

We both can't wait for next year!

A Lovely Young Woman

After many years of hard work, Whitney was presented with her Young Women's Medallion today in Sacrament Meeting. They have many requirements that they fulfil for each of the 8 Young Women values and then a Value Project for each one. They are supposed to take at least 10 hours to complete, but most of hers took much longer. For her projects she:

Danced in the Temple Celebration for the Prophet

Planted a Garden

Volunteered at Courage Reins (therapeutic horse back riding for disabled children)

Menu Planned/Shopped/Cooked meals for a month

Learned to do all the chores in house for a month

Read Book of Mormon

Produced a Documentary on how to get a book published

Served as a school Senator

She said: "Through serving people I was able to grow my testimony."

Whitney, we are so proud of the lovely young woman that you are and the wonderful choices you are making in your life. We love you!