Sunday, January 16, 2011

Issue 138

Eagle Application vs Packet Submission

What does it take to get an application for your Eagle Scout award submitted? Countless hours of work and an explorers spirit. When Steve L and Noreen went to turn in the packet at the local scout office, they found out that they needed to also complete an application summarizing Steve L's total trail to the Eagle. This required reviewing his records to complete the application that tracked his progress through the scouting ranks to get to the point that he could even submit this application. Did you know that the number of all scouts that begin the program and advance all the way to achieving their eagle award is less than 5%? Yes, it takes a lot of work and determination, and a loving mother to make it happen. Dad has helped a bit too. Congratulations Steve L and we look forward to your eagle board of review and eagle court of honor. Good luck completing these final steps!