Friday, June 5, 2009

Issue 54

The Giants

The Giants had an amazing season, coming in 2nd in the age division! Way to go Giants. Next week they get to play in a round robin tournament.

Temple Celebration by Whitney

Steve and I had the opportunity to participate in the temple celebration that was held in honor of the two new Mormon temples built in Utah. We started practicing in March for it and it was an amazing experience for me. We where in the first dance that was about the Ute Indians. I was a fire dancer. Since we where the first we got to watch pretty much the entire thing. It was an amazing thing and you could really feel the spirit there. I have really been inspired to get married in the temple and read my scriptures steadily. I am so jazzed at having had the opportunity to dance for President Monson. It was so amazing to be in the same room as him! It was a once in a life time experience and I’m glad I took advantage of it. Happy Summer!

Washington DC

Steve had a conference in DC this week, and I escaped with him. We saw the sights in the evening, and I spent the days relaxing in the hotel. I could have gone out to see more sights, but I didn't feel like going without Steve and frankly having a fancy hotel room to myself was too delicious. I read three books, took two hour baths, napped, ordered room service and did some uninterrupted planning. What more could a mom ask for? A huge thanks to our moms and sisters who watched the kids and made it all possible. We can't wait to take the kids after we study early American History.