Thursday, April 9, 2009

Issue 46

They Might Be Giants

So apparently we have traded last quarter's Mock Trials, cookie sales and chess club for this quarter's swimming lessons, soccer practices and base ball games.

Daniel and Janey have started spring soccer. We looked in vain for a boy's soft ball team for Steve L. to join, he had such a good experience playing soft ball in New Zealand. So he decided to play baseball instead. He is on a great team with an encouraging coach and team mates that cheer you on. They won 5 to 4 their first game and tonight they had a shutout - 17 to 0! Steve L. is the team rookie, but he held his own. He drove in 4 of those runs with his batting and crossed the home plate for another. I love that they are all getting exercise and rosy cheeks after such a long winter. Bring on the sunshine!