Sunday, February 7, 2010

Issue 89


I couldn't resist a couple cute pictures from our field trip to the Children's museum. Sandwich anyone?

Baby Mollies by Whitney

My Dalmatian mollies had babies! My female, Cream, had seventeen baby fish! It's really awesome seeing them grow. They are two weeks old now and I can see their spots. It's really exciting for me to be able to breed such a classy looking fish.

Consequently, if anyone is interested in starting their own small aquarium these little guys will need homes soon.

Girls Night Out!

A matinee chick flick movie, dinner out, some outlet shopping and a sleepover in Park City. What more could a girl want? Steve and Steve were at scout camp and my mom and sisters and sister-in-law stole away for some much needed R and R. Only wish I'd gotten some pictures. Thanks ladies! (And a huge thanks to Aunt Em, who slept over with my kids!)