Sunday, March 18, 2012

Issue 200!

Relief Society Birthday

Laura invited us to a Relief Society Birthday celebration at This is the Place State Park. With both Whitney and Analese getting ready to join Relief Society soon, I thought it would be nice to bring them. We heard faith promoting stories of pioneer women from sisters in pioneer dress and saw an amazing quilt display. Too bad Laura didn't feel well enough to join us. We missed you Laura!

Birthday Fun

Steve and I got away to Southern Utah for a couple nights to celebrate his birthday. We couldn't find any Marriott nights available in St. George so we stayed in Cedar City and then drove into St. George for the day. I mentioned to Steve Saturday morning that I found out why we couldn't get a hotel. I said, "Apparently there is an air show in St. George, the "Angel somethings", so all the hotels are taken." He said, "You mean the BLUE ANGELS!?!" So, we made our way to the greatest air show ever. We parked just outside the grounds in the airport parking area and had the best seat for free, to a really amazing show. Too bad we only had our pathetic iphone cameras to try to capture it. (Got to remember to bring the real camera on vacation!) After an especially amazing trick, I said, "Let's just pretend that I planned this for your birthday, OK?"

We also got to go to the movies, meet his sister Becca (who happened to be in St. George too) for lunch, birthday shop and and have a great dinner.

The best birthday present, I think was how well the kids did while we were away. On the way home we called to check in and they had put dinner in the crock pot, made the birthday brownies, cleaned the house, decorated and wrapped presents and were all ready for church! It's nice to have 3 responsible teenagers in the house. After church we had a nice birthday celebration for dad. Happy Birthday Honey!