Friday, November 14, 2008

Issue 25

Quinn’s Homecoming!!

My baby brother Quinn (sorry man - you'll always be my baby brother) return home on Friday from his two year LDS mission to Iowa. We have loved following his mission vicariously through e-mail and he has been such a wonderful example to our children. Several missionaries were coming home on the same flight and there was quite a crowd waiting for them to arrive at the airport. I had dreamed four times the night before that we had missed his flight coming in, so we were at the airport for a good hour before he finally emerged triumphant into the baggage claim area. A great cheer burst out from the whole crowd when we finally saw the first suit turn the corner. There were hugs and tears all around. Quinn, we are so proud of you and glad to have you back. And your looking GOOD!

Pilgrim Hats

Janey went to bed before I remembered to have her tell you about these adorable pilgrim hat cookies she made. Her Liberty Girls held a craft fair and all proceeds went to the Humanitarian Aid fund. They are clever and easy. You coat a marshmallow in melted chocolate and center on an upside down fudge striped cookie. Chill in the fridge and then make a buckle with yellow decorator frosting. They were a hit and she sold out for a good cause.

Opening Night by Steve L.

Last Night we preformed PETER PAN. It was opening night (kind of coincidental that it was my Mom's birthday) and it was a full house. It felt great to actually perform. All those who weren’t there: YOU MISSED OUT!!! After two months of practice the big days are finally here (there are six performances) I LOVE ACTING!

(Note by Mom: THANK YOU SO MUCH to Great Grandma, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that have come or will come to support the kids in their play. They have worked so hard and it was so wonderful for them to perfrom in front of their family.

I'm not happy with the dress rehersal photos I took, and I promise better photos next week. Steve had another performance tonight, 3 on Saturday and one on Monday! Daniel and Janey are in two of the Saturday Performances.)

Whangamata by Noreen

The best part on staying at Opoutere for 8 days was it was only a 20 minute drive to our favorite beach Whangamata (said Fongamutah, go figure?) Playing at the beach at Whangamata were my father summered as a child was my favorite part of our trip. It's the best boogie-boarding beach we've ever seen and we taught all the children down to Janey how to ride the waves. They took to it like fish and had so much fun. Clark Island is an island not far of the beach that at low tide you can walk out to on a sand bar. Anxious to try this Steve found out when low tide would be and he and Whitney hiked over to the island and explored. They had fun but the water was up to their chests and we didn't feel it safe for the younger kids to try. When we came back to the beach a couple of days later we found that he had misread the sign and they had actually crossed at high tide! Oops. We crossed that afternoon at low tide and the water only came mid-calf on the little girls. The children were fascinated with all the hermit crabs they found hiding in the rocks and we played until the tide was turning and we had to head back to the beach.

Clark Island.

The walk to Clark Island.