Friday, August 21, 2009

Issue 65

Change is coming! Starting next week, I will be posting the Koru every Sunday, instead of Friday. I think the new schedule will help everyone in the family be more involved in writing our family history. So, see you next Sunday!

Baby Update

Thanks so much for the kind inquiries about my health. Yes, there has been a lack of mommy pictures on the blog. I've found that "green" just isn't my color. But, I've hit 2nd trimester and I'm feeling much better. I even got to hear the baby's heartbeat last appointment!

The 24/7 nausea was a huge challenge for me. Everything I did or even thought about during that time I started associating with nausea. Steve bought me a new MP3 player and loaded a book I really wanted to listen to on it. About half way through I had to hide it, it was making me feel so sick. I still can't look at the thing! I was careful not to read books I liked, think about school plans or fun projects, or eat foods I wanted to have in my life later. The hardest part was I was so very bored! Thank goodness I had planning the family festival to keep me going.

I am so grateful I am feeling better in time for the new school year!

This is the Place!

As treasurer of the Non-profit that runs the clubs my children enjoy, I saw the need to raise operating expenses. So I cooked up a fundraiser at This is the Place Heritage park, one night about 3:00am. Six weeks later found us at the park putting on a Family Festival.
Tea Parties with square dancing for the girls.

Vendor Booths

Sword fights and tug of war for the boys.

Pulled pork, roasted corn on the cob and homemade fries for dinner.

A carnival for all. Cousins enjoying the cake walk!

Followed by entertainment. I got to give away the door prizes!

We had about 600 people attend the Family Festival and raised some much needed cash. I'll do about a 100 thing differently next year, now that we've done it once, but I think it was a great success. Huge thanks to my kids who helped at every turn, Becca, my right hand woman that day and Steve who's always my #1 man!