Sunday, October 23, 2011

Issue 179

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Ellie wanted a pumpkin flavored, pumpkin cake for her birthday this year. This gluten-free labor of love took four separate trips to the store (it's a long story!)

We had a Halloween friend party on her birthday and a family party the next day when Dad was back from New York. To complete the pumpkin theme, we went to the pumkin patch to pick our own. Ellie wanted a pet for her birthday and settled on a hermit crab named Stripes, who she loves dearly.
Happy 7th Birthday Ellie!

Trax Trip

The kids had a day off school so we rode the trax line all the way downtown. It dropped us off right on the Planetarium doorstep. We had a fun field trip and then rode the train back home. It's exciting to have access to downtown right at our doorstep.

Swim Team for Janey

Janey LOVES to swim! She took swimming lessons this summer and did very well. Since school started, she has asked almost daily to go to the pool. When I realized this wasn't a passing fad, I got permission for her to try out for the premier swim team in our area. She made the team and trains three and a half  hours a week, which she says is "A dream come true!" Her best friend is also on the team, so she is truly in heaven. Looking forward to her first meet.

Karate Competition

Daniel competed in his first Karate Sparring Competition at the South Towne Expo Center this weekend. He won round after round and ended up taking 2nd Place! Way to go Daniel!