Sunday, May 20, 2012

Issue 209

Seminary Graduation

Another week of milestones around here! Not only do the girls have everything turned in to graduate from High School, they graduated today from four years of Seminary.

Whitney also spent the full day Thursday at BYU at New Student Orientation. She got to attend class, talk with an academic adviser and even got her student ID! It was a very surreal experience to drop her off at the Student Center. Wasn't I just attending there myself?

Analese spent Thursday evening checking out UVU and is very excited to apply.

Prom Date

Whitney and her good friend Jesse on their way to the Prom. Don't they look stunning?! Whitney had a wonderful time at her high school's Feast and Ball Saturday.

Analese also had a wonderful time at Prom, but was picked up from another girl's home, so we didn't get any pictures.

Snow Canyon

My mother's day present this year was a trip with Steve down to Southern Utah to bike beautiful Snow Canyon. Along with the amazing scenery, we saw many fun birds, including the curious Canyon Wren pictured above. We biked miles of trail and hiked through the red sands. A quick and timely getaway that was the perfect present!

Issue 208

My Student Art Show

For the last three years I have loved teaching art! This year we focused on learning about different influential artists and art styles and doing pieces inspired by them. After many extra hours of preparation, we held our annual art show at the local library. Here are some of my favorite pieces that we did this year.

I wanted to teach pointillism to my students this year. (Pictures made from tiny dots of color placed close together.) This mural (all done with dots of paint on the end of pencil erasers) was a team effort and a labor of love. It took well over 60 man hours to complete. I just love the way it turned out looking like a beautiful patchwork quilt. An experience the students will not soon forget!

Race for the Cure

May 12th Steve and I rode trax downtown and joined thousands of others in SLC, for "The Race for the Cure." A 5k that raises money for breast cancer research and awareness. It had been years since I'd run this race and it is definitely more of an event for a cause than an athletic competition, but fun to be involved. We beat our Stake 5k time by over a minute!