Friday, August 7, 2009

Issue 63

Legos and Day Camp by Daniel

For my birthday I asked for money instead of presents from everyone, so I could buy a special Lego set. It's the Battle of Endor. It comes with 2 scout speeders, 2 commandos, 3 ewalks, a Walker, a catapult, and a deflector shield base. It's cool, because if you push a certain button on the base it blows up. Thank you to everyone that helped buy my birthday present!

I went to Scout Day camp for two days. I went one day to Jurassic Journey and I also went to a Super Hero one. There were tons of activities there. We went BB gun shooting, we did archery, and we did sling shot shooting. One of the activities was to dig up fossils. I don't have a favorite activity because I liked it all! It was a great place.

20 Years!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in my 20 year high school reunion activities. I was surprised at the fun I had seeing old friends and acquaintances again after such a long time, many I had not seen for almost 20 years. Friday night we had a Show and Chamber reunion where we ate some good food and got to know each other, and our families, better. The highlight was when we sang some of our old music together, we had quite a group turn up to the reunion, and it sounded great! A flood of memories came rushing back and some of the emotions that come from singing in close harmony with your friends as well. It was a great time and the general consensus was that we had a desire to get together this next year to sing together again. A big thank you to those who organized the event and made it happen!

The next morning we attended a Seminary Council breakfast and had a chance to catch up with almost everyone with whom I served on Seminary Council. Again, tons of fun to see everyone and to see everyone so happy in their lives. Again, a big thank you to those who organized the event and made it happen!

Later in the day we attended a picnic at the park where we played the face recognition game more earnestly than before. This was the larger school crowd at this gathering. The trick was to mingle and try to recognize a few and then see if that led to recognizing more. It worked and before long it was like being at a dance with lots of chit-chatting going on and general mixing and mingling. A fun time.

Later that evening Noreen and I attended a dinner event where more people attended and again, the face recognition game, this time with the aid of name tags! Much easier and still a lot of fun to mix and catch-up with friends and acquaintances. I had the opportunity to talk at length with a few close friends from high school which was great fun. The general feeling on the experience was one of humble gratitude for being able to mix with such a great crowd of friends and acquaintances that helped shaped my early years. What a blessing! I was also so very happy to see people in good circumstances in their lives, with very few tragedies. What more could you hope for? Not much. So, for those of you who might have your own reunions coming up, attend it! - Steve

The Show and Chamber Crowd

8 of the original 12 Seminary Council Members