Friday, May 29, 2009

Issue 53

It's our one year blog anniversary!

This is the Place by Janey

Field trip Friday took us back to This is the Place State Park with our cousins. Yes, that's Brigham Young standing on his front porch!

Corporate Retreat

We want to teach business skills to the kids and felt than running our own cottage industry would be the best way. Memorial Day this year started with a personal invitation, tucked under everyones' pillow, to attend the First Annual Family Corporate Retreat. About 6:00 am we heard an audible "What's this?!" from Steve L. and a couple minutes later he knocked on our door and announced, "I'll be there!" We attended events like:

"Buy-in Pancake Breakfast" Where we listed our goals for our new family business

"Product Brainstorming session" Where we taught the kids how to brainstorm and record their great ideas

"The Great Logo Hunt" Where we went to local stores to find great logo and company name ideas.

"Marketing Power Lunch" Where we explored how we will bring our product to market.

"Job Fair" When we created the job titles and descriptions for all aspects of our new family business. Then officially interviewed the children for the positions they were interested in.

Then to "Official Job Offers at Dairy Queen"

Followed by "Pizza and Project Management" When Dad gave us a Project Management 101 course and we decided our next steps.
Whitney was hired as our company President and Marketing Director.
Steve L. is the VP of Research and Development and the CFO covering accounting and legal.
Daniel is VP of Production and Fulfillment.

Janey is VP of Sales.

Ellie is Director of Testing.
Mom and Dad are the Governing Board.

What fabulous product are we bringing to market? For now it's a secret, but you'll be the first to know!