Sunday, August 14, 2011

Issue 169

20 Years!

So sad Alesha was gone for this photo! Jennifer, can I get the one from the night before with Alesha in it?

This weekend was my 20 year High School reunion! It was delightful to catch up with so many old friends and acquaintances, and see how people had "turned out". The highlight however, was a sleepover at Alesha's cabin with my 6 closest friends. We have stayed close throughout the years, but it had been a long time since we had all been together. We visited nonstop through the night, finally turning in about 4 am. We could have kept going, and did the following morning. The best part was going through Denise's shoebox of high school photos. What were we thinking with that hair and those sweaters?! I am so blessed to have such amazing, talented, beautiful, virtuous, loving friends in my life.