Sunday, September 20, 2009

Issue 69

Star Scout

Steve advanced to the rank of Star Scout this week and was awarded a clutch of merit badges that he earned over the summer. Environmental Science
Soil and Water Conservation

Rifle Shooting


Indian Lore


Bridging to Brownies

The adorable girls we get to be with at brownie scouts.

Brownie bridging is a ceremony to officially become a brownie scout. I remember my bridging ceremony from 29 years ago vividly and was excited to provide the same experience for Janey. I was so thrilled when I found the same story about what it means to be a brownie (helpful elf) for our ceremony, that they read at my own bridging ceremony.

Since Janey starting asking to become a girl scout she has also been asking for a camp out. After all, Dad and Steve are scouts and constantly camping. It's only fair right? Well we tried for months to arrange a family camp out and bridging ceremony, when everyone could attend. Well, it's a good thing Girl Scouts are flexible and determined, because Plan A and B fell through and as Denise put it, we ended up with Plan F. Our brownie bridging ceremony was moved from a camp ground to a park (couldn't get reservations) to a church (micro burst winds) and our s'mores and camping were moved to Denise's front lawn with an outdoor movie. Dad arrived from his business trip just as the movie ended and it was time to pitch the tent. A pancake breakfast topped it all off, and Janey loved her camp out. Thanks Denise!

Service Project by Steve L.

Eric advising us not to get our heads chopped off by the tiller

me and Daniel in front of on of the boxes

On Saturday, Daniel, Dad and I helped Eric (a scout in our group) with his eagle project. Our job was to fix grow boxes at the senior citizens center. First we weeded the boxes ( you wouldn't believe the weeds) and added fertilizer to the dirt. Then we scraped the dirt off the boxes (all six of them) and wiped them down. we then stained them and, voila`! It took longer than you think! It was a lot of fun!