Friday, May 22, 2009

Issue 52!!!

Did you catch that? Issue 52! That means one full year of blogging! One full year of family history, connecting with family and friends, and trying out our writing skills. Here's to the next 52 issues!

Treasure Island by Steve L.

My Aunt Becca got us tickets to the Hale Center play Treasure Island. It was really, really awesome! They used the stage very cleverly. One minute it was the deck of a pirate ship then the mast was drawn up into the ceiling, the crates and barrels moved around, some railings came out of the floor, a staircase came down from the roof (and viola!) it became the Benbow Inn. They also had a pool of water on the side that sometimes the actors would dive (or fall) into. (I'm glad we weren't on the front row, because they got soaked!) It was an awesome play with very good actors and stayed very true to the book. Although, they did have to change a few things from the book to make it fit on the stage. (Such as Jim Hawkins discovering his father had been on Flint's pirate ship and was killed by pirates. I thought that was totally bogus.) It was an awesome play!

First Recital

This week I had my first piano recital and played two short pieces in front of the crowd. It was cool to be up there performing in front of everybody. I was glad my Grandparents could be there. I'm glad I get to play the piano.

Steve's adoring fans.

Daniel the Bear

Daniel received his Cub Scout Bear rank at Wednesday night's pack meeting. Now I hope he can find where he stashed his scout uniform so I can put it on!