Sunday, October 24, 2010

Issue 126

My Baby is 6?!?

Ellie wanted to ice skate for her birthday, so we took off for the rink after dinner. We took turns escorting her around the ice and towards the end she could manage all by herself. Grandma came to watch, which made Ellie so excited to wave and pose for pictures. Happy Birthday Ellie!

Tibble Fork and BYU

Daniel, Dad and Grandpa headed up to Tibble Fork for an overnight fishing trip. Not being hunters, they didn't realize that Saturday was the first day of the hunt. They woke to gun shots instead of bird calls. The fish weren't biting, but Grandma sent donuts as big as Daniel, so nobody cared.

Steve had tickets to the BYU game, so he and Daniel went straight from camping to the stadium. It was a great game to be at, since BYU actually won!