Sunday, August 21, 2011

Issue 170

Twin Lakes by Daniel

I went on the Twin Lakes hike with the scouts. We had to pack differently because we needed our packs to be as light as possible because it was a very difficult trail. At Twin Lakes we caught 6 fish and cooked and ate them. After dinner we played Ghost in the Graveyard. For lunch we had tuna and crackers and beef jerky. For dinner we had two packs of Ramen and rolls. And for breakfast we had pop tarts. And after the hike we went to a good restaurant and bought hamburgers and fries and delicious shakes. When we got back we hopped in the shower and took a nap and then we finally unpacked our packs.

Education Week by Whitney

This week I went to BYU education week with a bunch of my cousins. We stayed at my Aunt's house over night and then spent the day on campus. As my school of choice it was great to be at the school all day and figure out how to navigate the campus. My grandpa was one of the presenters and he did a great job, it was fun to attend his class and learn from him. Some of the other presenters that I enjoyed included John Bytheway and Hank Smith who both have a gift for presenting to younger people. I hope I am able to go again next year.