Sunday, November 11, 2012

Issue 234

Snow Cave

The girls were so excited with our snowfall this weekend. They spent hours with Dad building a snow cave on the deck. That night they researched how to make it better and have plans to make one big enough to sleep in!

Mr. Bromley

Dad attended private school when he was growing up and had a mentor that inspired him to love bird watching. I've heard about Mr. Bromley for he last 20 years! Steve reconnected with him via email, and recently we took the kids to meet him. He had a room full of biology wonders and the kids loved hearing his stories. It was wonderful to finally meet this legend of a man. We have many years of birding fun to thank him for!

Issue 233 October 28 - November 3

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween we had two Egyptian Princesses and a Navy Seal!

Issue 232 October 21-27

A Day of Firsts

Saturday was a big day for Steve L. That morning he took his first ACT test and in the evening he went on his first date! His best friend wanted to take out Steve's cousin, so they doubled to a REAL soccer game. He went with his good friend Lucy and had a blast.