Monday, December 27, 2010

Issue 135

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve morning, we took the family out to breakfast and then hiking up Millcreek Canyon. We climbed up above the yucky inversion in the valley and enjoyed blue sky and and sunshine! That evening we enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Noreen's parents.
Christmas morning was a delight. Everyone received some fun gifts, but the best one of all was our new kitty. Steve and I picked him out at the shelter on the 23rd and successfully hid him in our bathroom for 2 days, until Christmas morning. The kids had been begging for months for a cat, but didn't really think we'd get one. That's what made the surprise so fun. Steve and I would sneak upstairs and play with him, and then make sure there weren't any cat hairs on us to give it away. Our kitty is a nine month old boy, who is very affectionate, mild mannered, and great with the kids. Boy did we luck out! We haven't been able to agree on a name yet, but we all agree that he's adorable!

After an enjoyable morning at home, we got to travel to both sets of Grandparents' homes and continue the Christmas Celebrating. We hope you all had a wonderful and memorable holiday too!