Friday, November 28, 2008

Issue 27

Day at the Zoo with Dad

For my birthday present Steve gave me 24 hours off and I took him up on it on Friday. I spent the night at my parents and got caught up on a lot of projects that had been piling on the back burner (and that can get messy.) I had a lovely lunch out with my mom and sisters and the kids got to spend the day at the zoo with their Dad. Thanks Babe!

Our First Chess Tournament

The chess tournament was fun. We got there and signed in and then had to wait for everyone else to sign in, at that was kind of boring. But then they posted who we would play for the first game and then we would go to our assigned table and start playing chess. Parents were not allowed in the room during games. The pairing was by grade and once we had played the game we would go into the practice room and wait until they posted the pairing for the next round. There were 5 rounds total. Overall lost 2 games, won 2 games and tied one game. After all 5 rounds they gave out awards. I didn't win a first place through 5th place trophy, but I did win a medal! It was really fun.
(Note by Mom: Daniel also won two of his rounds and their coach said if they could win one or two games their first tournament they would be doing really well. Now that we have our first tournament behind us, we know what to expect and will be even better prepared next time. I'm proud of the boys for their good sportsmanship and tenacity.)

The Tail of Despereaux by Daniel

The Tail of Despereaux is a cool book about a mouse and he loves the Princess Pea. Miggory Sow is a servant and she has really beat up ears and there are lots of rats in the dungeon. One rat goes up into the castle and falls into the queen's soup and she dies of a heart attack. Despereaux gets sent to the dungeon because he talked to The Pea, which was illegal. The rat and Miggory Sow kidnap the princess and take her to the dungeon, but that is all I'm going to tell you, because I want you to read the book yourself. I like the book.

Liberty Girls by Janey

First we got together at Liberty Girls. Then we said the prayer and did the pledge of allegiance. Then we made pies. First you roll the dough out into a circle and put it in the pan. Then put the pie filling in. Then you make another circle with some more dough and put it on top of the pie. Before you do, you can cut shapes in the pie top with cookie cutters and then you set it on top of the pie and then you cook it. I made an apple pie.

Giving Thanks

We hope everyone (in the US anyway) enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by family, great food, and hearts full of gratitude. I know we did!

Artwork by Janey age 6