Sunday, February 27, 2011

Issue 144

Eagle Watch 2011

Monday we took our traditional President's Day pilgrimage out to Farmington bay to see the migrating Bald Eagles.
Steve's Sister's family joined us on our birding trip which added so much fun!

We also saw the nesting ground for the Great Blue Herons. Can't wait for next year already!

Mock Trial by Whitney

Our mock trial team went to the Matheson courthouse and participated in our first of two mock trial competitions. We have preparing since January and we did pretty well. We won the verdict (not guilty) but lost the competition by five points out of 360. I was a witness, the defendant. I was being tried for sending threatening emails to a class-mate over the chatroom but the judges decided that I was not guilty. I feel it was the best performance that we have had in a long while and hope that we can win our next competition (this Saturday.) In truth my life has been insanely busy and pressured and even though I enjoy mock trial I am eager to have it over with and get some writing time back in my life. :)