Sunday, June 26, 2011

Issue 162

Liberty Girls Retreat

Last week the girls had the chance to attend the Liberty Girls Retreat. This year they read the Josephina Series and studied the South West in the 1800's. Girls from all over Utah came together for the day to learn dances, games, crafts, skills and cooking from that time period and region. They learned to card and spin wool, weave, do the Mexican Hat Dance and make tortillas and salsa.

Ellie loved putting on her big skirt and learning to dance. Afterwards she said, "This is so much fun! Didn't we look beautiful?" Yes Ellie, you did!

Karate on Parade

Daniel and I had the opportunity to walk in a parade with his karate group two weekends ago. It was fun to walk with many of the students from the dojo and his instructor. It was most fun to spend some time together and talk as we waited in the staging area. It was also fun to get to know the other groups of people in the area, each with their own cause they we trying to promote. We marched for about a mile and a half and then returned to our cars. Anyway, fun time out and good time spent wit Daniel. -Dad

Burraston's Pond

Friday night I took he girls of the family, except Mom, camping. Janey and Ellie have been wanting to go camping with me since they frequently see me going out the door with the scouts on numerous camping adventures. I also looked forward to this as a chance to slow things down and sound some time with my daughters.

Anyway, we scheduled it and talked about it for a number of days previous to the event and spirits were high as we set off Friday night. We asked Grandpa G if he wanted to join us on the camp and he accepted our invitation to Burrastons Ponds in Mona, Utah.

The evening started off with a dinner of chili and chips and s'mores for dessert. Of course we had to have s'mores. After we set up camp and a had our dinner we did a little fishing. It turned out that we would only have one fish on the line the entire trip, and it broke our line. Anyway, we decided to go crayfish fishing at night and had fun catching a few and eating them for a bedtime snack. They look exactly like small lobster and taste like sweet shrimp. The portions are very small, but tasty.

A good time was had by all and we look forward to doing it again.

Chalk Art Festival and Fireworks!

Last weekend we attended a chalk art festival as a family at the Gateway. This charity event brings out professional and amateur artists alike for a good cause. These are just a few of our favorites.

Saturday night the kids tried some chalk art of their own at Grandma's house. We gathered for their city's fireworks display and some yummy food. While we waited for it to get dark the kids got creative. I especially love Ellie's Rapunzel with hair flowing all the way down the sidewalk!