Friday, March 20, 2009

Issue 43

Cookie Booths

How could you not buy cookies from these adorable faces! I really underestimated the power of the girl scout cookie when I ordered our booth cookies. We signed up for nine booth times outside of Smith's and Wal-mart, hoping that would be enough to unload over 700 boxes of cookies. Turns out we sold out in 2 1/2 booths, much to Janey's disappointment. She sold for 7 hours and was begging for more. She is a natural born sales girl. She was literally doing cheers, using empty cases for pom-poms, to draw in more customers. And she always remembered to say, "Thank you for your order!" Next year I'm going to triple our booth cookies so Janey can sell to her hearts content.

Wear'n 'O the Green

Our monthly family get together on Steve's side fell near St. Patty's day. We celebrated Irish style wearing green and eating potatoes (drown in chili) and Grandma's homemade bread dyed green. The cousins had a treasure hunt for cash and then we flew kites on a wonderfully warm March Saturday. Thanks for hosting Bec and Dave!

Mock Trials

Our Statesman Club participated in the Utah Law Related Education Mock Trials. We competed against other schools in the State, arguing both Prosecution and Defense in different competitions. Steve L. was an attorney and they were coached by yours truly. What an amazing experience! We competed in real courtrooms with real attorneys for our judges. I know I've learned so much about the legal system during this process, and these kids get this experience at age 12 and 13! Our team was mostly sixth graders competing against ninth graders and they really held their own. Very impressive. Steve L. said of the experience, “It’s not easy being an attorney. It was hard, but fun!”

Court of Honor

Steve L. brought in another merit badge haul this court of honor. Were so proud of how hard he worked earning all of these badges and he learned some really cool stuff.
Space Exploration

Public Speaking


First Aid

Finger Printing



Citizenship in the Nation

and Law!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Steve requested peacan sticky buns for his birthday. I got his grandmother's recipe from my sister-in-law and served them hot out of the oven. So hot, in fact, they melted the candles right down to the wicks. Happy Birthday!