Sunday, October 17, 2010

Issue 125

Cookies and Doughnut Falls

Blogger is refusing to load the rest of our photos of our hike this weekend to doughnut falls. I'm going to cry "uncle" and post them next week.

Lake Blanch by Steve L.

Blanch. The kind of hike scouts have nightmares about. 7 miles one-way. 2700 foot elivation in 7 miles. 89 degree angle all the way. Rocks all over the place. And absolutly no exaguration on my part. Ask anyone who has hiked it!
Well, thank goodness it was only a day hike and not an overnighter. That means only a day pack and not a 40 pound hike pack.
The scenary and weather were nice though, and I escaped with only a bruise a blister and a slamming headache, so overall it went well.