Sunday, March 11, 2012

Issue 199

Ski Camp

Steve took the scouts to his favorite place to cross country ski on this beautiful weekend. We don't have any snow anymore (it was 60 degrees) but there was plenty of snow in the mountains. I'm so glad he loves to camp and be outdoors with the boys! It's such a great experience for all of them.

Capital Experience

Whitney and her best friend Natalie had the opportunity to be interns for the Legislative session at the Capital for the last several weeks. I'm so glad she had such a great opportunity to see our government in action. It meant LOTS of extra driving for mom, but it was worth it.

"I just finished my internship with the conservative watchdog group Eagle Forum. I went up to capitol hill twice a week to help track bills and shadow professional lobbyists. It was awesome being at the capitol all the time because of all the different people you would meet, from open carry gun men with an opinion, to professional falconers, to gay/animal rights activists to Taiwan ambassadors. It was also pretty cool to be in a committee meeting and then later that afternoon hear the local new station reporting on it. :)"

Little Chemist

Ellie found Daniel's old chemistry set in a cupboard above the fridge. I'm not sure what she was looking for up there, but she's been begging me to let her experiment with it ever since. So Saturday we broke it out and she had all kinds of fun creating different colors with her chemical reactions. She expected to blow something up, and Janey acted like Ellie was likely to kill herself at any moment, but I assured them it was all safe if they didn't sniff, taste or splash in their eyes. Ellie was filled with wonder with every fizz or color change and took her experimenting very seriously.

The Happy Farmer

Janey had her spring violin recital this week, where she played "The Happy Farmer." Mom did NOT accompany her this time, but paid a professional accompanist. Best $20 I ever spent! Janey did a great job and it's fun to hear her talents grow.