Sunday, November 28, 2010

Issue 131 Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving dinner this year was right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Gormet and Gorgeous! In the morning Steve took the kids sledding and cross country skiing while Ellie (who had to stay indoors with bad asthma) and I made carmel apple pies and painted her nails. Then it was off to Grandmas for our amazing feast. That evening we took everyone to see Disney's "Tangled." So funny! A truly delightful day!

A "working" vacation

We spent an enjoyable Friday at Steve's sister Emily's, visiting, eating, playing games and just generally enjoying ourselves. Steve's sister Laura delivered baby number 6 that night. The next morning most of the adults and teenagers headed to Laura's to finish some home improvement projects they were in the middle of, to make a nice place to bring baby home. They spent the whole day painting their main floor (and each other.) The rest of us watched the 15 younger kids at my house while mother and baby tried to get some rest at the hospital. Throw-in an exciting BYU vs. Utah football game on the radio and you have yourself a memorable weekend.

"What I'm Most Thankful For"

Daniel - "Having the gospel in my life"

Ellie - "That I got a little fish"

Steve L. - "That we live in a free country with free speech were we can say what we want to say. And lots of bacon!"

Whitney - "That we live in America and it's so awesome!"

Janey - "Having the teachings of the gospel and the Book of Mormon"
Dad - "The Gospel of Jesus Christ, my family, health, books, birds, the outdoors and a good job."
Mom - "A warm home, amazing children who teach me so much and a hubby who loves me!"