Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vol. 1 Issue 3

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Happy Anniversary by Steve

We wanted to write a quick note in celebration of my parents, Andrew and Marsha's, 40th Wedding Anniversary!!! Thursday night we attended a temple session with them in the beautiful and updated Provo temple. We entered the temple to a beautiful evening and left to warm/cool breezes and a post-sunset glow on the horizon. We then drove a short distance to Emily and Tyler's house for a healthy snack and presented the happy couple with a congratulatory card and gift certificate to re-frame Mom's SLC temple picture, the one delicately cut from many layers of paper. It was a very nice evening and we look forward to their 50th!!!

Out of this World by Daniel

My favorite part of the planetarium was the gift shop. They had cool slinkys, glow in the dark stars, and cool space toys. Mom bought us Astronaut Ice Cream and Strawberries. The ice cream tasted good, but the Astronaut strawberries tasted disgusting. I like the giant pendulum a lot and I liked walking on Mars and the Moon!

Book Review by Whitney

Book review by: Whitney

Title: The Dodo ; A brief history

Author: Errol Fuller

Type: Non-Fiction

Subject: Dodos

Summery: I never knew much about Dodos, so when I saw this book on the library shelf I said, “why not?” With amazing drawings, and journal entries, it dispels hordes of “reliable” drawings and information that are actually paintings that are copies of copies of copies! I was amazed at how little we, (scientists included!) know about Dodo. Very interesting!

Rating: Eight stars! Full of incredible things I never new, it is informative, (as possible) rather than exciting. Extremely good read for those seeking info.

Recommended for: Ages 10/12 up. As in, The World of the Hummingbird, It just matters if you are interested. It can bore some young people.

Some other books written by this author: The great auk, The Lost Birds of Paradise, Extinct birds, and Mammoths .

Backyard Camping by Janey

This week we slept in the backyard in the tents twice. It was freezing but fun. It made me want to go camping for real.

Presli’s Blessing

Brooke (Noreen’s sister) and Luke blessed their sweet baby Presli on Sunday. It was a beautiful blessing and a scrumptious luncheon afterwards. Presli is a great favorite with her cousins.

Grandma B

After the blessing we had the chance to visit Grandpa B’s gravesite with Grandma B. We thought our New Zealand friends would enjoy this picture.

Book Review by Steve L.

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting

This is a book about a chubby little man named Dr. Dolittle who can talk to animals, birds and a few kinds of fish. In this book he goes on sea voyages with his Parot Polynesia, becomes the king of an Indian Island and rides in the glass shell of a giant sea snail. (Say that 10 times fast!) I like it when he tries to learn the language of the shell fish, the one language he can't understand and is very frusterated with.

I give this book 10 out of 10 stars. Two thumbs way up.

Rockets by Steve L.

Two weeks ago I went on another scout camp. We went specifically went for a bottle rocket competition. On Friday the other scouts and I piled into the car and we drove for about an hour. We stopped in the middle of a barren wasteland and set up camp. Then me and the other 11 year-old scouts snuck off to play softball. We played for about an hour and then we went on a hike up a mountain of loose rocks. Then we came barreling down the mountain straight into camp, in time for dinner. For dinner we had some soggy spaghetti and scones. I liked the scones. Then we did the bottle rocket contest. We had all previously made our own rockets out of 2 liter bottles. We filled them about 1/3 of the way with water, put them on the pipe and tightened a clamp around the neck. Then we pumped air into the bottle (which built up pressure) and pulled on a string to release the clamp. They flew up about 150 feet in the air! The person with the rocket with the longest hang time won a prize of $20. Someone else beat me to the $20 by 100th of a second. After it was dark we attached glowsticks to our rockets and launched them. Then we went to bed.

In the morning we packed up camp and left. Then we came to a rocket launch site ware they launched mini rockets. They would shoot up in a cloud of smoke REALLY high! After an hour we went home. I love camping!

Clint the Candy Bar by Steve L.

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Book Review by Whitney

Book review by: Whitney

Title: The world of Hummingbirds

Author: Robert Burton

Type: Non-Fiction

Subject: Humming birds

Summery: I love finding new information about animals, and this book was packed with it. With amazing photos, it explains many questions such as how iridescence works, how they get enough energy to hover, nesting habits, and many others. Very interesting!

Rating: Seven stars! Although packed with things I never knew, it is informative, rather than exciting.

Recommended for: Ages 10/12 up. It just matters if they are interested. It can bore some young people.

Some other books written by this author: Bird behavior, Bird flight, Egg, and the North American Birdfeeder Handbook.

Liberty Girls by Janey

My favorite part of Liberty Girls this week was planting strawberries. First we painted our pots and when they were dry we put the plants in. We talked about the American Girls book "Kaya's Escape." We also made Indian necklaces and ate strawberries, blackberries, popcorn (did you know Indians were the first to discover popcorn?) and beef jerky too. We learned some sign language like Kaya and played together. I like liberty girls.

End of Vol. 1 Issue 3