Sunday, February 14, 2010

Issue 90

Art Show

An artist at heart, I wanted to teach my children drawing lessons this year. As I started designing the lessons, I decided that they would be so much better if we invited some other students to join us. And so, I started teaching art lessons in October. What a joy in my life! I love the amazing students I get to work with and I do the exercises right along with them, thus adding the art that has been missing for too many years from my life. This semester I've had 2 classes, with 5 students each - including 3 of my own children.

This week ended our first semester, and we celebrated everything the students learned with a formal art show Friday night. They all have progressed so much and I'm proud of their hard work and love to see their natural talent. Next semester - portraits!

Speech Tournament

Steve took 4th place in Impromptu at the Wasatch Speech and Debate tournament hosted at Weber State on Saturday. He also competed in Spar Debate. Way to go Steve! We're so proud of you!

Happy Valentines Day!

Some friends invited us to a fun family Valentines Party Saturday night. An Italian dinner, games, movies, and dancing. The best part was watching Janey and her dad dance the night away. She taught him all her best clogging moves. I even got to steal a dance with my sweetheart.

Valentines Day we had a lovely dinner at Steve's parents. The little girls spent all week hand crafting valentines cards and have given them to everyone that has crossed their path. If we missed seeing you this week, consider yourself loved!