Sunday, September 25, 2011

Issue 175

First Week on the Job

 Steve started his first week at his new company in New York meeting with a couple big clients with one of his business partners. He promised Janey this picture of the 9/11 memorial. He came back from New York and went straight to Summit County to work with his other business partner. I love this picture of him working at his business partner's office on a plastic chair and TV table. It's the epitome of a start up company to me! Steve loves his new job and had a very intense and rewarding first week.

Happy Birthday Steve

I can't believe Steve L. is 15! We went to the theaters to see Captain America to celebrate. Happy Birthday Steve!

Sweet Ellie

 Ellie and cousins playing in the calk at Grandma's

Ellie on her Daddy-Daughter date this week

A Big Week for Daniel

Daniel began fencing this school year and loves it. He takes from a Russian Coach who is amazing and works them very hard. Daniel has a talent for fencing and won all his matches this week. It will be exciting to see him start to compete.

 Daniel also received his First Class Scout rank advancement and 6 merit badges. It took many months of work, especially the swimming part. Steve also earned his Boy Scout Gold Palm.

Daniel was also crowned a King in his Shakespeare class. To be crowned he finished listening and watching 17 Shakespeare plays in the last two weeks. The idea is to be immersed in the Shakespearean language, like learning a foreign language. At first he didn't understand the plays but by the end he was really enjoying them because he knew what they were saying.