Sunday, August 29, 2010

Issue 118

Sweet 16

Whitney's friends threw a surprise party for her 16th birthday, and it couldn't have been more perfect! She was caught totally by surprise. Grandma was in on the conspiracy and picked her up from school and took her to Jamba Juice while I picked up some of her friends. Some other friends were running late, so we stalled Whitney by saying the cake had burned and asked them to pick up another mix on the way home. We hid her friends' cars in the garage and hid a dozen of us in the kitchen for the big moment. Whitney has such a great group of awesome friends and it was fun to celebrate with them for the afternoon.

After the party and dinner, Dad took her driving. Seeing her behind the wheel, I wondered how she could possibly be sixteen, since I don't feel nearly old enough to have one.

Happy Birthday Whitney! We love you!