Thursday, November 20, 2008

Issue 26

More Peter Pan

Participating in Peter Pan was such a memorable experience for the whole family. Steve L. worked on his theater merit badge during the process and he and his dad helped paint the pirate ship. The window seat boxes in the nursery were painted by yours truely.

Peter Pan's grand entrance.Wendy, Michael and John flying

Steve delivered all his lost boy lines perfectly and with great energy.

"I won't grow up!" (That's Daniel on the far right.)

Janey as the white tiger
We had the perfect Captain Hook for our play.Steve- My favorite part of being in the play was being out on stage and acting in front of everyone. My favorite part of the play is when Peter and the lost boys sing “I won’t grow up.” I can’t wait until I can be in other performances.

Daniel- Being in the play was a great experience. I loved being a lost boy. It was really fun meeting all of the people. My favorite part of the play was when they were in the nursery because there were funny parts.

Janey- My favorite part of being in the play was doing curtain call, because we got to come in first to bow. My favorite part of the play is when Michael is learning to fly and the only happy thought he can think of is candy.

Life after Neverland by Noreen

Life after Neverland –

After the curtain closed Monday on the final performance of Peter Pan, (yes, I dutifully watched my children in all 6 performances,) I had to “grow-up” and contemplate putting structure and order back in our lives. I officially declared Tuesday “recover from Peter Pan day.” I let everyone sleep in (after many late night performances) and then put them all to work. We cleaned and did laundry for 9 hours straight. Wednesday we woke to our wonderfully clean house and rebooted our familiar homeschool routine. (Now if I could just get the songs out of my head!) The play was a great experience and the kids are looking forward to doing another. I told them it could be an annual project, because I just don’t think I (or my house) could handle the intense play schedule more often than that.