Thursday, October 9, 2008

Issue 20

Hogle Zoo by Janey

Photos by Whitney

I really liked the zoo. We saw a black bear and giraffes and we saw monkeys. My favorite part was seeing the penguins. Their cute! We went on a little train ride and a carousel ride. I rode on a tiger and Stevie rode on a tiger and Daniel rode on a panda bear in the middle of us.

Ellie Elephant

Ellie loves Elephants! Because their names sound the same, when she was two she declared herself Ellie Elephant. One day I told her she was being a monkey. "I'm NOT a nunky! I'm Ellie Elephant!" To this day they are her special, favorite animal.

Like Father Like Son

Steve has an affinity for being in the rain. Any activity turns into an adventure as soon as it starts to pour. Hiking, fishing, waiting for rare wild penguins, you name it - for Steve it's better in the weather. Steve and his Dad spent the entire rainy Saturday fixing our sprinkler system. And, I found out something interesting. His love of being in the rain is genetic! He gets it from his Dad.
(Thanks for all you hard work and expertise Grandpa G!)

Priesthood Session by Steve L.

(From covered in mud, to handsome in suits in 15 minutes or less!) On Saturday I was able to go to my first General Priesthood session with my Dad and Grandpa G. It was a cool experience to have the apostles speaking directly to us as a priesthood. My favorite talk was by President Monson the Prophet. He spoke about how we should all be better people and he encouraged us young men to go on a mission. In one part he said, "One day I received a call from the MTC President, that a missionary was about to quit and no one could persuade him not to. Apparently his mission required him to speak Spanish and he was absolutely CERTAIN that he could not speak Spanish. I said, "Well put him in the Japanese class and call me back about what he says." I expected the call at noon, but it came by 10:30 in the morning, "Pres. Monson, he is now absolutely CERTAIN he can learn Spanish!"

Real Soccer by Daniel

(Note by Mom: Daniel and Janey are just finishing up their fall soccer season. Steve bought tickets to take them to Real's first game in their new stadium, forgetting he would be in Europe on a business trip. My Dad graciously accepted our request to take them to the game. Serving his mission in Brazil and loving soccer may have had something to do with it!)

Real Soccer and the New York Red Bulls versed each other. It was a really cool soccer game. They tied one to one and they used their heads a lot. I went with Grandpa B and Janey. It was really cool. I saw all their skills and techniques. I screamed my loudest when they scored their goal, but I couldn't even hear myself it was so noisy. It was a really cool soccer game. We must have waited in line for our tickets for at least 40 min. I really want to see their next game.