Sunday, February 21, 2010

Issue 91

Presidential Eagles

On Presidents' day we made the trek out to Farmington Bay to see the Bald Eagles who are passing through. We went earlier than last year, and were rewarded by seeing many more eagles (approx. 30 or so). We also took our cousins which made our birding trip extra fun. We topped it off with a pic-nic and hot chocolate. I feel a new Presidents day tradition coming on!

Webelo Scout and the Fort of Frosting

At our troop's Blue and Gold dinner this week Daniel received his Webelo scout badge and 3 more activity badges (fitness, scholar and citizen) to go with the scientist badge he had already earned. He also got the award for the tallest cake in the cake contest.


Thanks for the trip to the dinosaur museum Aunt Brooke!

Photos by Steve L.