Thursday, October 16, 2008

Issue 21

Soccer by Daniel and Janey

(Note by Mom: Daniel and Janey both played fall soccer this year. They were both assets to their teams. Daniel prefers to play defender and is a great goalie just like his dad, and where ever the ball is, you'll find Janey. She scored at least 2 goals this season and was always focused and working hard.)

Daniel in the white socks. I still haven't figured out how large, neon green socks get lost in the wash!

Soccer was really fun. I played goalie and defender a lot. My number was number 2. It was really fun, but I didn't score any goals in the season. My last game is on Saturday. I love playing soccer.


Janey is tenacious number 5. This group plays beehive ball, meaning regardless of positions, both teams huddle in mass around the ball, getting in each other's way and not kicking the ball very far because of the congestion.

Our team won our final game and lots more games. I scored two goals and that made me feel happy. The other team was called blue lightning and our team was called the sliver sharks. It's fun to play soccer. Sometimes it was hot and sometimes it was cold when we played.

Dinos and Trees by Ellie age 3

This is my favorite picture of Ellie's to date. She told me she was drawing the trees (with faces) BEHIND the dinosaurs. I think this is an amazing understanding of perspective for a 3 year old. And the sun - it just makes me happy!

Labour of Love by Noreen

After our whirl-wind 3 1/2 week tour of the South Island we booked it back to the North Island in time for the Labour Missionary Reunion held at the GRB and Kai Hall next to the Temple. We had a delightful time meeting the wonderful Labor Missionaries who had worked with Grandpa B building the temple, church college and chapels in NZ, more than 50 years ago. Many remembered my Dad as a little boy, and all sent love and well wishes to him and Grandma B.

Steve had volunteered his services and they used him almost every minute, photographing groups or video taping missionary's memories and testimonies and was even asked to speak at one of the meetings. The food was wonderful and everyone enjoyed talking to our children. One auntie adopted Daniel for the day and wanted to take him home. He sat by her and helped clear all the tables after meals and another woman gave him a beautiful bone carved necklace. He was so fascinated with the different amulets everyone wore and what the stood for. The highlight for me was the Sunday Night fireside held in the GRB Hall, built in honor of and named after my Grandfather. I was only a few months old when he passed away, but I felt close to him as I sat in the GRB with his handsome portrait smiling down on the proceedings. Steve is was excited about the book he was asked to lead for the Labor Missionary Foundation and we feel like this is one of the main reasons we were able to go to New Zealand at this time.

Our family at the GRB hall. Grandpa B's picture is the largest one in the background.
Daniel and his adopted Auntie.

Some of the amazing Labour Missionaries we had the privilege to meet.

To see a map of the places we traveled so far in this series, click on this link: <,172.875366&spn=8.067848,12.128906&z=6&msid=116765397961150020384.000451b63510a46db34d4>