Friday, June 19, 2009

Issue 56


Friday was Steve's annual work Lagoon day. It was also the last day of school and the last day of simulations, so Steve took the younger kids at lunch time and Steve L, Whitney and I joined them at dinner time. After 3 days in Disneyland I was just fine with an evening at Lagoon.

Con-Con Pictures

I tried loading these pictures several times last Friday, but they just wouldn’t take. It was probably user error, since it was 1:00 am, following a week of helping at the school with simulations week and an afternoon and evening of Lagoon. Yep, most definitely user error. I fell asleep waiting for them to load (the fifth try) and woke up at 2:00 am. Disoriented, I just published the article, sans pictures. So finally, I bring you Simulation Week photos!

Disasters by Daniel age 9

Court of Honor

Steve earned his First Class Scout rank a month ago, but received his patch at his court of honor this week. We are proud of the hard work he put in earning this rank, especially overcoming the swimming challenge. Having Grandparents there made it even more special.

Liberty Girls Retreat

At the liberty girls retreat we did some dancing and made rag-rugs and cooked stone soup and quilted. And we got liberty girl tee-shirts there and all the liberty girl groups in Utah where there. I loved it! We also made book marks. All of he activities where things they did in the great depression.

Rag rug making


Check Spelling Square Dancing