Friday, February 20, 2009

Issue 39

Valentines for you!

You can't beat homemade valentines. Ellie, Janey and Daniel's 2009 editions.

Gnome, sweet gnome. Steve L. made 60 of these critters for a valentine party.

Talented Family by Steve L.

On Saturday we had a family talent show. There were a few poem recitings (I recited Casey at Bat), some songs, grandpa played the guitar, and I did a mime act. We also did a few skits it and comedy sports. It was fun!

Suzanna, our newest cousin!

A Little Bit Country

Steve and I finally broke in our Christmas presents to each other. We found a perfect, groomed cross country skiing trail up the canyon. We had such an amazing time Saturday morning, that we took off at 6:30 on Monday morning for an encore while the children were sleeping. The trail is a gentle incline up the canyon for a great workout and then you get to coast all the way down for your reward. Can't wait to go again!

Draper Temple Open House

We took the kids to see the Draper temple open house on a very cold and windy Monday. It looks like a painting in the background. Inside it is just as stunning.

Daisy Scouts

The police man had these real handcuffs and he asked if anybody wanted to be handcuffed to someone else. I and my friend volunteered and it was funny because we could just slip our hands out. We made some thank you cards for the police officer.

State Capital by Whitney

For school this week I was able to go to the State Capital. First we went to a committee discussion. They where discussing a bill on whether or not they should have a day off of the ten pre-election-day voting period. Then we when to the House of Representatives for two hours. It was soooooooooo boring. I am not even going to put an exclamation point on that. Then we went to lunch and things started to pick up. We got a tour of the capital after lunch and then we got to go watch the senate for a while. It was really cool and I was able to get to places others didn’t because my friend’s aunt was a representative and I got access to otherwise off-limits. J it was really neat! I liked the Senate a lot more than the House. They where a lot more friendly and relaxed and they got through bill ten times faster than the House.