Sunday, April 24, 2011

Issue 153

Easter Memories

Noreen with Grandma's Easter Egg Tree (and a crying cousin) in 1978

Growing up, my Grandma's Easter Egg Tree was the stuff of legends. I loved each of the beautiful, hollowed out eggs, made into ornaments. Some were made into little baskets with flowers, and others held dioramas inside glittered backgrounds. There were jeweled eggs and scribbled eggs made by 2 year-olds. A class from the local Elementary would take a field trip to Grandma's house just to see the famous Easter Egg tree.

I remember my mom carefully poking small holes with a little nut pick in opposite ends of a washed egg and blowing the insides out so we could decorate them. This is the first Easter since Grandma passed away and I wanted to put up my own Easter Egg tree in her memory. I salvaged a broken tree limb from our corkscrew willow and secured it in a pot with Plaster of Paris. I was fortunate to inherit some of Grandma's ornaments that had survived through the years. It was like a treasure hunt to go through the eggs and see that some were made by my mom and aunts and uncles 50 or more years ago. There were so many eggs, I was only able to hang about a quarter of them. I'm going to have to get a much bigger tree next year!

Saturday we spent the day with Steve's side of the family and celebrated the holiday with a cousin's Easter Egg hunt and fabulous food.

Sunday afternoon we got to spend with Noreen's side of the family and had another delightful egg hunt and more fabulous food! This is the stuff childhood memories are made of!

Steve is always so wonderful every year to tell the events of the Savior's last week to the children, and remind them of the symbols of Easter. We are grateful for our Savior and his Atonement for us. Wishing you a wonderful Easter!