Sunday, April 1, 2012

Issue 202

Happy April Fools Day!

We enjoyed a lovely General Conference weekend watching from home. It was 80 degrees on Saturday and then Snowed on Sunday. Ah, spring in Utah!

I served the kid's our traditional April Fool's day sushi for dessert. (Rice krispy treats with gummy worm seafood and Fruit by the Foot seaweed. I hope all your tricks were sweet!

Principal's Pride

Janey was awarded the Principal's Pride award for working so hard to get a 100% on her last spelling test!

Happy Birthday Janey!

Wow, Janey is 10! She requested a vanilla cake with jelly beans and gummy bears. Sweet, just like Janey!

Ballroom Dancing

The hardest thing for Analese to give up to come live with us to finish high school, was her ballroom dance team in Idaho. The team was traveling through Utah on their Spring Break tour and performed at an assisted living center in American Fork. We all went down for family night to see them and they had Analese join them in a couple dances that she knew. She did a wonderful job and is a beautiful dancer.

A Star and a Silver Palm

At their last court of honor the boys earned new rank advancements. Daniel earned several merit badges and his Star Rank. Steve also increased his merit badge count and earned his Silver Palm, the highest ranking palm in scouting. Way to go boys!

Issue 201

Young Womens' Broadcast and City Creek

Whitney and Analese got tickets to the Young Womens' General Conference downtown. It was Analese's first time attending an event at the Conference Center and they both enjoyed the messages of the conference.

Steve and I drove them downtown and spent the evening at the new City Creek Center, the gorgeous new outdoor mall and city center across from temple square. We took the girls over after the conference and we were treated to an out door concert by Eclipse, a vocal group we really enjoy. We look forward to taking the whole family downtown on trax to show them City Creek.