Friday, May 15, 2009

Issue 51

Apples in the Rain by Ellie age 4 Water Color on Canvas


A few pictures from our latest extended Family G monthly gathering. It was our turn to host and we enjoyed gorgeous weather, a B-B-Q, and lots of outdoor games. Don't you just love the trampoline hair?

Ice Cream Review by Dad

Noreen surprised me by purchasing a pint of ice cream for me to enjoy. I gladly accented to provide a review, provided that it was my last one on the ice cream topic. I love ice cream, don’t get me wrong, but I just listened to an interview by a health guru last week and it got me motivated. So, here is my blog on the ice cream pint, realizing that it will be my last, sniff.

Mission to Marzipan was a tasty treat! Marzipan originated in the east and was introduced to Europe during the Crusades via the trading centers of Venice and eventually made its way to Germany, where I first happily ran into the tasty substance while on my mission. Considered a healing remedy in the middle ages, it was also a tasty treat that I enjoyed seeing in many different shapes (mostly pig shaped for good luck) and colors in confectioners’ windows, where its creation has become an art form.

I must admit that I approached the ice cream with relish and enjoyed the tasty treat, but was somewhat disappointed that the marzipan was not “real marzipan” at all, merely a sugary ribbon of caramel-like substance. I was not fooled and had to adjust my thinking to think of it not as marzipan at all, but some other happy flavor. That adjustment made, it was tasty, but only a one-time purchase. It had a heavy vanilla taste and was refreshing, but I was disappointed overall and am now seeking out a marzipan source to fill the void created by the expectation of the real taste. So, rock on and see you in another type of article.

Father ‘n Son’s Camp Out by Daniel

The Father Son’s campout was a cool experience. It was really deserty with lots of fire ants and their was a gigantor hill we liked to climb. For dinner we had pasta and for breakfast we had pancakes. My friend Brendan was there with his dad too. We launched water bottle rockets three times each and the longest hang time won. The prize was a $20 for first place. There weren’t prizes for any other places. My rocket came in 2nd place! My hang time was 7.5 seconds, with no parachute and the kid that won had a hang time of 7.9 seconds. At night time we put glow sticks in our rockets and launched them. They looked like flying UFOs. Then our friend Eric told scary stories around the campfire.

Pic-nic at the Ball Park

Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) joined us at the ball park for one of Steve L.'s baseball games this week. It's hard to beat gorgeous weather, great, watermelon and pizza and a nail biting baseball game right behind right field!

A Couple of Firsts by Noreen

Thursday night I experienced two exciting "firsts." The first, "first" was attending my first Governing School Board meeting for Whitney's charter high school. I was elected by the Board as their newest member and after being officially voted in, was able to participate in voting on various school related items. We also got a sneak peek at the exciting direction the school is taking in the coming year. It was invigorating to be involved in such discussions and having a real vote in the direction of the school. Anyone who really knows me knows I'm passionate about education, so being on the Governing Board is an exciting opportunity that I am grateful for.

My second "first" was trying my first sushi. Brooke, you'll be so proud! The Governing Board has a sushi tradition, taking turns bringing a tray to the meetings. As the tray was passed to me in the middle of a financial discussion, with lots of spread sheet handouts, I cautiously took a roll between two fingers. I tried not to look like I was trying sushi for the first time while making eye contact with the school director to show him I was following the April financial report. The sushi was delicious, so thankfully I was spared the embarrassment of pulling faces or dashing for the nearest garbage can in front of everyone. I'm grateful to be a thirty-something mom that is still enjoying experiencing "firsts."