Sunday, December 13, 2009

Issue 81

Birthday and Christmas Rolled into One!

One of our favorite holiday traditions is Grandma B's birthday and family Christmas party. Grandma is 87 and although her health is slowing her down a little, she is still going strong. Grandma shared lovely stories and recipes with us and there was a surprise appearance from Santa Clause. I enjoyed watching Ellie's first ever interview with the Big Man himself!

Stosignaphobia by Steve L.


the fear that somehow, somewhere, a stop-sign is gonna get you


Fridays are for field trips. I think the world would be a better place if once a week, every child was allowed to venture out and explore, play, build, dream, create, and discover. Sometimes our field trips are new and blog worthy and sometimes we repeat favorites. This week was a repeat of one of our favorite destinations, Discovery Gateway. But, I couldn't resist a few pictures.

Ellie is my water baby. Probably has something to do with spending a year at beaches in New Zealand.
The boys making some impressive stop animation films.

The Forgotten Carols by Whitney

This week we went to see the play of The Forgotten Carols. It was amazing! There was excellent acting with an enteraining and meaningful plot line. The songs that it featured were amazing, and I wish that we had bought the DVD. My favorite song was "Homeless". I hope that I will be able to see it again next year. Thanks to Uncle Tyler who got us tickets!