Friday, April 3, 2009

Issue 45

Ice Fishing

If it wasn't midnight I'd have Steve L. tell you about his ice fishing camping trip 2 weeks ago. But it is midnight so I'll just say that fun was had by all, but no fish were to be had.

Janey turns Seven!

Janey's much anticipated 7th birthday was a huge success. Complete with 11 friends and cousins, party games, giant hopscotch and of course the giant pinata. She said her favorite thing about turning seven was she is now only one year away from getting baptised!

Sushi Anyone?

April 1st our family woke to our cereal already laid out for us by Steve L. with a note of appreciation from a loving son. Little did we know that our cereal was going to turn bright pink or green once we added the milk. The kids were also excited to see the addition of a sugar bowl on the table (something that never happens at our house) until they realized Steve had filled it with salt. Other jokes included Whitney’s prank calls and Daniel putting uncooked rice in Steve’s bed.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun I decided to pull a surprise of my own. We are going to be studying Asia for history, so I made a stir-fry dinner and told everyone I had bought some sushi to go along. I was surprised how willing (most of) the kids were to try my sushi rolls. Everyone was fooled until they went to taste my sweet version. (Rice Krispy treats rolled around sliced gummy worms wrapped in fruit-buy-the-foot “seaweed.” A recipe I found at Needless to say my prank was a big hit.


Daniel and Dad attended the Salt Lake Real Soccer first game of the season. They had some sweet seats given to them by Dad's work. It was a chilly night, but a 4-1 win made for an exciting game.