Friday, December 12, 2008

Issue 29

Focus on the Founders by Steve L.

For Focus on the Founders we had a speech competition and a keynote speaker, Benjamin Franklin (impersonator), came a gave us a lot of information and did experiments with electricity.

I prepared a two minute speech on Benjamin Franklin and gave it in front of everyone there. The judges rated me and I came in 7th place out of 22 contestants. I didn't feel nervous when I gave my speech. It was fun.

Singing at Temple Square by Whitney

This week I was able to perform with my school choir at Temple Square! It was really neat. At my school there are three choirs, the concert choir that anyone can be in, The Madrigals (you have to try out to get into this one), and then Bel Conto (You have to try out for this one, and only girls are in it.) I'm in Bel Conto. When we were driving there, the parking was horrendous, because there was a Jazz game and a Tabernacle choir performance that night along with the lights. I actually hopped out of the car a block away because walking there would be much faster than driving! We performed twice that night and we all had an awesome time. The Bel Conto and the madrigals performed at temple square, and I can't wait until the next concert!