Sunday, September 5, 2010

Issue 119

1st Day of Kindergarten

All our kids have gone to at least some kindergarten, and Ellie is so excited for her turn. We do our homeschooling together in the morning and in the early afternoon the other kids have lessons, clubs, classes and tutoring to fill their time. Ellie has just been along for the ride come afternoon, so afternoon kindergarten turned out to be a perfect fit. Janey was green with envy that Ellie gets to ride the bus home everyday, since there were no buses to take her to kindergarten when it was her turn. So, to fill her life long wish, I drove to the school and made sure Ellie got on the right bus and asked Janey to sit with her. I followed the bus and arrived just in time to snap a picture. Ellie thinks her teacher is very nice and I think she will have a great year.