Friday, September 19, 2008

Issue 17

Stingrays by Janey

My favorite part of the aquarium is always the stingrays because they look cool and they feel cool. I loved being with my cousins Bryn and Sam for the day.

Jamboral by Steve L.

On Friday I went to the Boy Scout Jamboral. They only do it every 4 years, so I was glad to go.


When we got there they gave us some pins & an eagle badge with the eagle missing.

We had to trade our pins for others until we had enough pins to fill the eagle.

The camps were FILLED with scouts yelling:




It was fun.


The fire works were AWESOME !

We were so close to were they launching them

they looked like they were right on top of us !

flag parade

TONS of games

Reach for the Stars by Whitney

Last Friday there was a school dance (Called Reach for the Stars) to celebrate the first week of school. It was really fun, and I went with my Friend Aubry.We got there on time and where one of the first 100 people there so we got a free piece of pizza! There where Irish dancers and there were fireworks that we watched that were at the Scout Jamboree down the road. I stayed up till 11:00 and was really tired.

The first two weeks of school have been awesome! I am taking algebra, choir, photography, and world history on "A" day, and leadership, seminary, biology, and English on "B" day.

I was nominated by the school board to be on the school senate! I'm the only freshman in the senate! It is cool and I can't wait for the rest of the school year!

(Note by Mom: We are very excited for Whitney to have the chance be in the school senate. She had to impress the socks off her mentor and the School's Vision Director in order to be chosen for the Senate, because their are only about 15 of them they don't typically choose Freshmen. Way to go Whitney. We know you'll do a great job!)

Me and Aubry.

In our neighborhood they ride bikes in the cul-de-sac. In Aubry's they ride horses!

Ellie loves horses!

Court of Honor

Steve received two rank advancements (Tenderfoot and 2nd Class) and two merit badges (Collections and Family Life) at his Court of Honor this week. This represents months of hard work, especially the swimming requirement. Yeah Steve!

Of course we had to celebrate after with some ice cream with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks for being there!
One of the many requirements for Steve's Family Life Badge was to do a project that would improve your home. Steve chose to weed our sadly neglected sand box. It took him SEVERAL hours over a couple of weeks to complete. This project not only beautified our back yard but contributed to our heath and safety. The little girls could hardly swing anymore and that is where the very expensive vet bill came from (fox tail seed caught in Cooper's ear.)
Thanks Steve!


Space Battle by Daniel

Caravan Life

Watch for the next post in this series next week. (Needs more work and I'm getting sleepy!) If you have missed any of our posts about our New Zealand experience so far, you can click on the New Zealand Memoirs link to catch up.

I am also hoping for an ice cream review next week for all of you who have been asking. First I need Steve in town (he has been traveling for work and doing scout camps) then he needs to buy ice cream and sit down and eat it, then I can get him to write about it. Wish me luck!