Sunday, October 18, 2009

Issue 73

Bean Musuem by Dad

Ellie the turtle, being attacked by a dinosaur.

Saturday afternoon I took the kids on an outing down to the Bean Museum in Provo Utah, The museum is part of the Provo Campus of BYU. We slipped away to give Noreen a much needed break after very hectic week. I always like to steal away on fun outings myself so it was a treat for me to be with the kids in a fun environment on a Saturday afternoon. I was surprised at ll of the good feelings and nice memories that came back to my mind. I spent most of my schooling years in or around Provo. I attended middle school at a then Provo school, Waterford, and then also received my bachelor's degree in History from BYU. So, it felt like a fun homecoming to be back on campus and telling my children stories. The museum was moderately packed and we had a great time reviewing all of the bird and wildlife exhibits. We have always tried to help our children develop an interest in nature, birds, and the outdoors, I believe since we derive so much pleasure in those items ourselves. We had fun looking at every exhibit and Ellie even participated in the reptile show as a turtle. The show director put a large turtle shell on her back and demonstrated the difficulties that predators have when trying to eat turtles. After the show and our time at the museum we headed to another great spot, the BYU Creamery. Yes, ice cream. I promised Janey that when she finished her reading book, 300+ pages, that we would celebrate with an ice cream. Well, we all benefited from her success with a bite ourselves. Good fun was had by all.

Great-Grandma B

We had Great-grandma B over for a lovely Sunday dinner. It was so wonderful to spend time with her in our home. She is still full of life after almost 87 years! She has 90 Great Grandchildren and 5 more on the way and 21 of her Grandchildren aren't even married yet! She truly is a Great Grandma and we are lucky to have her.