Sunday, October 10, 2010

Issue 124

One Amazing Lady

Grandma B's health has taken a worse. She recently had surgery for a broken back, but other health concerns are taking their toll. We were able to visit her today as a family, and she is mentally sharp as ever. She says that when she can't sleep, she doesn't count sheep - she counts great grandchildren! She lays in bed and names them all (almost 90 and counting!) She was so interested in everything the kids are doing. She wanted to know about Steve's Eagle Project, Whitney's social dance class, Daniel's Karate and Janey showed her some clogging moves. We found out that Grandma used to take tap dancing lessons.

The day Steve and I met for the first time in his singles' ward, we ended up sitting next to each other at a fireside that night. Then went over to Grandma B's with a group of ward members with my cousin who was living with Grandma at the time. Grandma loves to tell us how we only had eyes for each other, and that she wasn't a bit surprised when we came by 6 weeks later to tell her she was engaged.

We also had the great privilege to tour around New Zealand with her when we went on vacation in 2004. She told us tonight that we had great courage to take our family to live there for a year and she was so proud of us. We told her that she was the one who had great courage first and we were only following in her footsteps.

We love you Grandma!