Friday, April 24, 2009

Issue 48

Soccer by Janey

I play soccer because it's one of my favorite sports. I like that it gets me exercise. Go Silver Sharks!

Soccer by Daniel

Soccer is a really fun sport. I like being a defender best. So far I haven't scored a goal this season. Times have been pretty hard. The last game the score was 11-0, but we lost. The team that we lost to, my best friend was on. I am number 2 on my team. My team is called the Green Virus, and our team color is lime green.

Baseball Update

So far our team the Giants is undefeated. One game we tied and still need to finish it later. I like playing in the field best.

Just Because

-Too cute not to post

School Service and Carnival by Whitney

Whitney is at a school dance tonight, having ballroom dance instruction in preparation for next month's Feast and Ball at school. On Saturday the high school hosted a fundraiser for the Lilly White Orphanage in Kenya. The student body is raising money to buy solar panels for the orphanage so they can have electricity and tuition to send the older orphans to high school. They started the day doing a service scavenger hunt in the community for donations. Whitney's group did lots of yard work. Then everyone returned to the high school for a fundraising lunch, car wash and carnival. Janey cleaned up at the cake walk and they all enjoyed the games and slides. Whitney ran the Pin-the-tail event and mom sold tickets all afternoon. I loved seeing the money roll-in for the orphanage all afternoon. The student body raised a few thousand dollars to send to Kenya.