Sunday, March 27, 2011

Issue 148

A Birthday Down South

Janey had her first Dance Competition in St. George this weekend. It also happened to be over her birthday, so we took the whole family down to celebrate! Janey did a great job in both of her dances.
We took time to visit the Jacob Hamblin home and the Family History Center and did a little family history.

We also explored the gorgeous sand dunes at Snow Canyon. They have miles of amazing bike trails, and we decided we must come back to camp with bikes.

We celebrated Janey's birthday twice. Once with her best friend (also on her clogging team) over Chinese food the night before, and then the day of in Zion's National park. She asked for her own cooking supplies, and is now one outfitted chef!

We've been to Zion's many times over the years, but never in March before. We were surprised by the beautiful waterfalls from the snow run-off. A delightful vacation!