Sunday, January 24, 2010

Issue 87

Mexican Fiesta!

The much anticipated Girl Scout Daddy/Daughter Mexican Fiesta finally arrived! I say finally, because it was all Janey could talk about for 2 weeks straight. The girls helped plan and decorate a fun evenings with their dads. Tacos, Pinata, Mexican Hat Dancing, pictures and scones made for an unforgettable night!

Ellie Update

Some storms blew in this week and chased the gunk out of the air. Ellie is breathing much easier, but according to her pulmonary test this week, only at 59% of her lung capacity. We go back in three weeks for another test to see what her capacity is when she is well.

Her first trip out of the house (besides the hospital and doctor's office) was to go get the boys' hair cut. Ellie never wants to be left out, so I let her get a hair cut too. I think the pixie style suits her spunky personality perfectly.

Klondike by Steve L.

The Klondike derby. A winter camp high in the mountains, where scouts come to try their skills against nature. Building emergency shelters, rescuing comrades from ice flows, treating for hypothermia and other trials of wits strength and endurance. After arriving near dark and hiking up to our cabin, we had a delicious dinner of stew and chips (a camping classic.) The night was fun, with a lot of games, running around the cabin and pummeling each-other with stuffed animals. The next morning, after packing up and a nice breakfast of pop-tarts and go-gurts, also a camping classic, we headed down to the pavilion for opening ceremonies. Then we set out for the stations. At each station they give us a situation and then we have to use our scout training to survive each scenario. Then the leaders of each station score us according to how well we do. The stations include; rescuing a scout from an ice flow in at least 60 seconds and using 6 different knots, lighting a fire and melting a bowl of snow in 7 minuets, showing how to treat someone for hypothermia, and making an emergency shelter out of a tarp and 2 sticks. Then we ran a timed sled race about a mile long, uphill both ways. :) We had a lot of fun!

p.s. thanks for the awesome sled bro. carter!